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Divorce is never easy, regardless if the case is contested or uncontested. There are many things to consider when a couple divorces and factors that will be used for the court to determine certain aspects of the case, like spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance (or alimony) is a common variable of divorce that entitles one spouse to receive support from the other spouse during or after a divorce. 

The team at The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC will work with you on all aspects of your divorce case including spousal maintenance. Our expert team has over five decades of combined legal experience and will assist you in determining whether or not you may be awarded to receive or ordered to pay spousal maintenance or if it doesn’t apply to your unique case.

Who Gets Spousal Maintenance in Missouri?

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Though Hollywood often depicts the wife receiving a substantial amount of spousal maintenance, anyone can be a payee or receive spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance is also gender-neutral and can be ordered in same-sex marriages or awarded to a husband in a marriage involving a woman and a man. 

The court will determine who will receive spousal maintenance based on the following things:

  • The income of each spouse
  • Age and health of each spouse
  • Standard of living during the marriage

These are just some things that can affect whether or not spousal maintenance is ordered and if it even applies to a divorce case. Other considerations like misconduct and property division can affect whether or not a spouse is awarded spousal maintenance. Learn more

How Does the Court Determine the Amount of Spousal Maintenance?

The amount a spouse is ordered to pay the other for spousal maintenance varies case by case. However, there are guidelines that Missouri courts follow that remain the same for everyone. For one, the judge will decide if the spouse requesting maintenance cannot support themselves during the divorce and after. For example, one spouse may be a stay-at-home parent or may have health reasons why they can’t financially support themselves.

A judge has many other things to consider when determining how much maintenance will be awarded: the payee’s ability to afford payments, the duration of the marriage, the potential for the requesting spouse to earn an income, whether or not the receiving spouse needs to further their education to obtain employment that will support themselves, among many other considerations.

The court will also decide whether the spousal maintenance will be temporary, periodic, or permanent. The duration of the spousal maintenance is carefully considered by a judge, and they may order it temporarily while the couple separates until the divorce is final, periodic while the lower-earning spouse finishes job training or education, or permanent due to health issues or disabilities.

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Why Choose The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC?

The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC will help guide you through the entire legal process of your modification action every step of the way.  Why should you hire The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC?

Decades of Experience

Our family law attorneys have decades of combined experience - over 50 years! James H. Young, founder of The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC, has been practicing family law for over 30 years and now serves as a full-time mediator. Our attorneys Abraham D. Kuhl, Jared T. Frick, and P. Chandler Frick have been serving families in the Kansas City area for many years and won multiple awards. Our very own Abraham D. Kuhl was recently named “Lawyer of the Year” for Family Law in Kansas City for 2023 by Best Lawyers.

Compassionate & Zealous Attorneys

There’s no question about it - the modification action process can be emotionally draining for both spouses and their families. Our team is compassionate and zealous, always putting our clients’ needs first and focusing on what’s best for them and their families. We’re always here to listen and lend a helping hand throughout the entire modification process from start to finish.

Know for Demonstrating Amiability in the Kansas City Legal Community

When you hire a modification action lawyer, you expect them to handle your case with expert knowledge and professionalism. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the team at The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC; we’re known for demonstrating amiability in the Kansas City Legal Community. 

Mediation Services

Our mediation services are an efficient and easier way to solve issues that relate to family law, including modification actions, divorce, and property issues. The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC provides mediation services in our office and, on rare occasions, where we travel for the benefit of all involved.

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The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC is dedicated to family law, offering many services. We provide virtually all services that pertain to family law, including, but limited to, the following:

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