Mediation Services

The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC provides efficient mediation services for issues that relate to Family Law including divorce, child support, child custody, and property issues. Mediation can be utilized to resolve part or all of the issues involved in any particular dispute. Our Kansas City divorce mediation attorneys are committed to helping you resolve your conflict through our mediation services and allowing you to move on with your life.

Both parties involved in a dispute may choose the path of mediation to settle their differences. Mediation offers many benefits including being less costly and often being quicker than traditional court proceedings.

Family Law Services

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal, confidential, non-binding process in which the parties select a neutral third party (mediator) to help in resolving their disputes. It may be done either with or without the attorneys being present. For those dealing with family law matters that are not overly complex, or if both parties are mostly in agreement on certain issues, mediation may be the quickest and most cost-effective way to settle disputes. Mediation can help settle the following family law matters outside of the courtroom:

  • Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage
  • Paternity Actions
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Maintenance
  • Modification of Custody or Support Issues
  • Property Division

While the family law matters listed above can be solved in mediation, it is important to note that the mediator cannot resolve the dispute, rather the parties must come to an agreement themselves. A mediator is a neutral party that is present to help both parties work toward a fair resolution. The mediator will communicate with both parties to settle while remaining neutral and offering no advice or direction for the parties.

Mediation Vs. Collaborative Law

While mediation and collaborative law can be quicker and less costly approaches than other family law proceedings, there are some differences. While both take a less litigious approach to settling disputes than traditional litigation, the mediation process involves both parties and the neutral mediator whereas collaborative law cases involve both parties and their attorneys.

Attorneys in a collaborative law case are advocates that help their clients get the best possible outcome. However, if there are no settlements or agreements made in collaborative law then the attorneys that represent the parties involved will be disqualified from representing them further in that particular family law dispute.

Mediation Vs. Litigation

As mentioned earlier, mediation is a legal process in which a neutral third party assists those involved in a dispute in settling. Mediation is oftentimes a quicker and less costly approach to resolving family law matters than litigation.

The litigation process differs from mediation because, unlike mediation that involves parties selecting a neutral third party (a mediator) to help in settling, litigation disputes are handled in the courtroom with a judge present.

Mediation at The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC

When you schedule mediation at The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC, a mediator will meet with you and the opposing party to help you both come to a respectful and mutual decision regarding your family law dispute.

The mediation process can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day or several sessions depending on how long it takes to reach a decision that both parties agree upon. Your mediation can involve one dispute like a dissolution of marriage or several disputes like custody, child support, and property issues.

Most mediation takes place at our office, however, there are rare occasions where we will travel for the benefit of all involved. We understand life is busy which is why we also offer mediation services online via Zoom. When you schedule mediation at our office, just tell us which option you prefer.

Why Choose The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC?

With over fifty-three years of combined legal experience, our family law firm is comprised of a team that’s skilled in both negotiation and litigation, handling family law matters from the most complex to the most straightforward.

When you choose to do mediation at The Law Office of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC, you’ll be in excellent hands with our three experienced and trustworthy mediators, also the three partners of our family law firm. James H. Young, our founder, Abraham D. Kuhl, and Jared T. Frick all do mediation with decades of experience to provide you with the best and smoothest experience possible.

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