Enjoy the Rest of Summer with Your Kids with These Activities!

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This summer has flown by. Before you know it, the kids will be back in school, there will be a chill in the air, and Chiefs football will start back up. Though summer is ending soon, a sliver of it is still left to enjoy. 

Whether you’re a parent with sole physical custody or joint physical custody, you can still squeeze in some summer fun with the time left. Keep reading to learn about some fun activities you can do to enjoy the rest of summer with your kids!

Visit the Zoo

Who doesn’t love to visit the zoo? We’re fortunate to have such a great local zoo that has hours of fun in store. No matter the age of your children, planning a last summer trip to the zoo is great for all ages. It’s a great bonding experience to share with your children and it’s educational! 

Are your children homeschooled? Did you know that the Kansas City Zoo offers discounted tickets for homeschoolers multiple times a year? It’s a great opportunity to visit the zoo at a discounted rate and meet other homeschooled families! There are still a couple of Homeschool Days events happening this year – take advantage and register before the last one in October.

Jump at Sky Zone

Every kid loves to bounce and jump, and Sky Zone is a way better option than having them jump on the couch at home. Grab the family, escape the outdoor heat, and plan a Sky Zone trip before school starts. Tickets can be a bit pricey, but you can save by going to their Little Leapers program for kids seven and under – they get a discount and a parent jumps for free! For older kids, they offer Glow with lasers and music. Take advantage of their later summer bedtimes and take them to Glow before the summer ends (they’ll think you’re pretty cool for doing so).

Complete a Summer Reading Program

Are you searching for a free way to entertain your children? While there’s not much time left before school begins, most libraries offer summer reading programs for kids of all ages. The Kansas City Public Library’s 2023 Summer Reading program goes through August 15. Kids earn a prize if they read five books (adults too!). 

Reading is an excellent activity to do with your kids during the summer and year-round. It’s educational and helps them use their imaginations as they listen to you read books. Visit the library together before summer ends if you haven’t already!

Visit the Aquarium

SEA LIFE is another excellent way to escape the summer heat. Kids of all ages will love to explore the aquarium’s sea creatures and exhibits. They’ll learn while enjoying the sea creatures and spending quality time with you. With thousands of creatures and plenty of exhibits, it’ll be a full day of fun that you can squeeze in before school begins.

Run a Lemonade Stand

Something every kid should check on their summer bucket lists is to run a lemonade stand! You’ll have fun making lemonade together, creating the signs for passersby, and setting up your lemonade stand. It’s a great way to teach them about money as people pay for their lemonade and they give cash back. Be sure to let family, friends, and neighbors know about your lemonade stand so they’ll have visitors, especially if you don’t live on a busy street.


This one’s a given, but swimming is one of the best activities to do as a family in the summertime. If you haven’t been already, take the kids to a friend’s pool or a community pool to enjoy the rest of the kid’s swim time this summer. There are plenty of local pools that charge six dollars or less for entry, so it’s an affordable and active last summer hurrah for the whole family!

Catch a Movie

Do you remember the excitement you felt as a kid when you got to go to the movie theater? In a digital world where nearly everything can be streamed with the swipe of a finger, there’s something nostalgic about visiting a movie theater. 

Take the whole family to see the latest blockbuster or children’s film. If it’s your child’s first time, why not treat them to the whole experience, including a fountain drink, popcorn, and candy? It’s a fun summer activity they’ll remember for years and an experience you won’t want to miss.

Though the countdown to another school year is on and summer’s days are ticking quickly, there is still some time left to make the most of summer with your family. Any activities above will help you end summer with a bang with memories to last a lifetime.

If you share custody with your child’s other parent, why not do some of these activities together? Any of them can be a great bonding experience for you both and shows your children that you can amicably come together to do a fun activity as a family. Making your children feel loved and comfortable are top priority, so take the initiative and invite your co-parent to join you on your summer adventure.

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