Avoid These Common Mistakes During the Divorce Process

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Divorce is already difficult enough and unless it’s completely uncontested and you’re absolute best friends who never disagree, then you’ll most likely be presented with some challenges along the way. These challenges can be big or small depending on the relationship you have with your spouse, if you share children or marital property, and so on. You’ll most likely feel all sorts of emotions throughout the divorce process.

Because emotions run high during the divorce process you’ll want to make sure you keep your composure as best you can and avoid some common mistakes people often make during a divorce. Continue reading to learn about some common mistakes during the divorce process and how you can avoid them.

1. Acting on Emotions

The reality of a divorce is glum. It’s the end of a marriage and relationship that has a history. Breaking up a family whether there are or aren’t children involved can be an emotional roller coaster. Much like anyone grieving, a divorcee must grieve the end of a marriage. The grieving process and the divorce process can both take a toll on your emotions, having you feeling optimistic one minute and angry the next.

One of the most common mistakes people who are going through a divorce make is acting on these emotions. Whenever you feel irritated⁠—whether your spouse has started dating or they’re being difficult about custody arrangements—it’s best to remove yourself from the situation and take a step back to collect yourself. Allow yourself to walk away and calm down before acting on your emotions. Acting on emotions too quickly could result in hurting someone you care about or jeopardizing your case.

2. Communicating Poorly with Your Spouse

One of the most important aspects of any relationship is communication. Without it, relationships wouldn’t be healthy and functional. Even if your spouse is difficult to deal with, you’ll want to try your best at communicating positively and effectively with them throughout the divorce process. Some examples of positive communication to practice with your ex-spouse include responding to them promptly, agreeing to disagree, and being respectful and listening to them before responding.

3. Not Being Honest with Your Divorce Lawyer

Although it’s normal to feel nervous before you meet with and hire a divorce attorney, it’s important to be open and honest with them throughout the entire process. Divorce lawyers will ask many questions that pertain to your marriage, personal life, and your finances. Your attorney needs honesty throughout the entire process and nothing should be kept from them regardless of how embarrassing it may be. If you hire the right divorce attorney then they won’t judge and are working for you to provide you with the best possible support throughout the divorce process.

Being completely honest with your divorce lawyer will save you time and will help them be better prepared to represent you in court. If you withhold information from them it can damage your case in the long run. There are some things your divorce attorney needs to know like whether you have a prenup, share children, or have been financially dishonest.

4. Negative Posts about Your Spouse on Social Media

We have instant access to news feeds and updates from smartphones, tablets, and computers. Even if you don’t share much online on your news feed, you probably see other posts sharing nearly every detail of their lives on social media. While there is a time and place for everything, social media is not the place to share negative thoughts and opinions about your spouse.

We understand how tempting it can be to vent to your entire following about how difficult your spouse can be, however, one negative status update about your spouse can have major effects on your case. Social media and text messages can impact your family law case when it comes to spousal maintenance and child support as well as custody agreements. Keep those thoughts and opinions offline and vent to your close friends and family members in person without telling your entire online following.

6. Agreeing to Verbal Agreements

When it comes to a divorce, all agreements should be clearly understood by both parties and documented. Don’t ever rely on verbal agreements without telling your attorney and filing something with the court – you could be losing out on a lot. Especially when it comes to the kids, don’t agree to any verbal agreements your spouse sets in place.

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