4 Signs That it Might be Time for a Divorce

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couple on couchNo one ever wants to admit that their marriage isn’t working. From the moment you say “I do”, you vow from the bottom of your heart to make your marriage a priority and to never let it fail. Unfortunately, marriage doesn’t always work out for each couple. In fact, nearly 50% of all marriages in the United States result in divorce. Marriages don’t fail “just because” – there are usually major differences that couples encounter or things that have occurred to lead a couple to choose divorce. 

If your marriage is getting harder and you’re tired of putting up a fight to keep it going, you may be considering consulting with a family law attorney about the process of divorce. Or, you may be hanging on to your marriage by a thread even though it’s unraveling quicker than you can keep up with. 

If you’re currently married and unhappy and aren’t sure whether or not your marriage is headed for divorce, there are some signs that can help you decide. Keep reading for 4 signs that it might be time for a divorce and to learn about what you can do to move forward.

You’re never resolving issues

When couples have issues, the best thing to do is to resolve them immediately. When an issue arises, and they will – every marriage has them, it’s important to discuss the issue with your spouse and to come to a resolution for the problem. 

Whether it be a pushy in-law or opposing stances on something to do with your children, it’s important to settle major disagreements for the health of your marriage. If you and your spouse aren’t taking the time and energy to resolve issues or at least try to resolve them, then it may be time for a divorce. Both parties have to compromise in a marriage and if neither of you are willing to do so then it may not be wise to stay together.

There’s more negativity than positivity

A marriage is a lifelong commitment to love and support one another through the good and the bad times. But what happens when there seems to be more bad times than good? 

Of course every marriage has its trials and tribulations, but the majority of the marriage should be positive versus negative. It’s understood, however, that couples often go through ups and downs and sometimes the downs last longer than we anticipate or want. Ultimately, those rough patches shouldn’t be what the majority of your marriage is. Marriages should be healthy and positive and should build you up, not tear you down.

One or both of you has been unfaithful

Marital infidelity is more common than you’d think. While some couples can recover from infidelity and come out even stronger than before, others may never be able to move on. Ultimately, you have to do what’s best for you, whether that be stay in the marriage and work things out with your spouse or to end the marriage.

With that said, if both you and your spouse have been unfaithful, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship. If you find yourselves frequently arguing about past infidelities and can’t move past them, then it may be time for a divorce.

Marriage counseling hasn’t worked

Most married couples will attempt marriage counseling for many different reasons: infidelity, communication issues, trust issues, money problems, etc. Marriage counseling isn’t a one time thing that magically cures your relationship; it takes time to work out issues. If you’re currently in marriage counseling or if you’ve tried it in the past and haven’t been successful, remember that it can take many sessions to make progress. Your marriage counselor is qualified to deal with marital issues and will do everything they can to resolve your issues but you both must be willing to give it time.

Have you and your spouse been seeing a marriage counselor to iron out your issues for at least a few months? Do you feel as though you’re not making any progress? If you’ve had failed attempts at marriage counseling and you both still can’t move on, then it may be time to discuss a divorce.

If any of the 4 signs that it may be time for a divorce above resonate with you, it may be time to discuss a dissolution of marriage with a family law attorney. Our divorce attorneys at The Law Office of Young & Kuhl, LLC have over fifty-three years of combined legal experience and will help guide you through the divorce process from start to finish. 

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