Activities to Do Together as Co-Parents

10 Activities to Do Together as Co-Parents to Strengthen Your Relationship

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in a difficult position as a co-parent. Odds are you at least nodded your head in agreement because anyone who has co-parented understands it’s not always smooth sailing. There can be many bumps in the road of co-parenting as you share the responsibility of parenting with an ex, making decisions together for your child.

Whether you and your child’s other parent were in a past relationship that ended badly or if communication with them is difficult, some co-parenting relationships could use some help. And a positive co-parenting relationship can have many benefits for the child or children involved. When a child sees their parents communicating effectively and respectfully, they’ll model that behavior.

Want to create a better bond with your co-parent? Keep reading as we list 10 activities to do together as co-parents to strengthen your relationship.

  1. Attend School Activities Together

If your child attends public or private school, they probably have performances like concerts, plays, and sports games throughout the school year. While it may not sound exciting to attend a school event with your ex, try to attend events together. Your child notices if both parents show up. If you show up together, you look like a cohesive support system, making an even more positive impact on your child. And two parents cheering their child on makes for a louder cheering section!

  1. Have a Park Date

Children need outdoor time to explore the world around them. Whether you have a park with a playground or one with streams and creeks, having a park date as co-parents is a great activity for the whole family. You can make the park date fun, not awkward, by turning it into a picnic or having an outdoor game everyone can participate in. Pack up a lunch, dinner, or snacks, and bring a blanket so you and your co-parent can enjoy a meal with your child.

  1. Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Together

We understand you may want to have separate birthday parties for your child so you each can celebrate how you prefer. However, coming together to celebrate your child’s birthday makes your child feel like there is a family unit, having a positive impact. You can still throw individual parties, but even something as simple as having a smaller celebration with your family and theirs (spouses, partners, and other children) included can make your child feel your positive co-parenting connection.

  1. Plan Special Activities Together

Is there a new children’s museum opening near you that your child would like to visit? What about a kid’s concert or performance that’s making a stop in or near Kansas City? If there is an activity your child has been wanting to do, why not do it together as co-parents? Sharing the excitement as a unit with your child is a great bonding moment. Plus, having parents there will mean the world to your child.

  1. Get the Significant Others Involved

Are you in a newer relationship? Is your ex remarried? Getting significant others involved in activities can have a positive impact on your relationship with your child and co-parent. Attending activities or birthday celebrations together and bringing your significant others can help rid any awkwardness between everyone and shows your child that you can all be around each other and have positive interactions.

  1. Volunteer Together

Volunteering is always a great idea. Taking your child is an even greater one, showing them how to love and care for others in need. Get your co-parent and child together and volunteer at your local soup kitchen or go shopping together and make donations to local charities. Volunteering as a family unit not only shows your child that you both love them but also how to care for others.

  1. Plan Parties Together

There’s always something to celebrate, from birthdays to holidays sprinkled into a calendar year. Why not plan a party with your co-parent for a great bonding experience? Whether it be a graduation party, birthday party, or Fourth of July celebration, planning a party together will help you bond, and your child will notice.

  1. Take Your Child to a Movie

Movies are a great family activity. What’s not to love about watching a film on the big screen while enjoying delicious popcorn and candy? Plus, you can bond with your child and laugh together during a film. Next time your child is interested in seeing a movie, take your child with your co-parent. Of course, your child can sit in the middle, but laughing together and sharing snacks will help your child feel connected to you both.

  1. Go Shopping for Your Child Together

Every school year your child needs new supplies and clothes, so why not shop with your co-parent? Make it a date by grabbing a bite to eat and then shopping for your child’s clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Both parents will feel included, and the child or children will enjoy shopping with both parents.

  1. Have Game Nights

Nothing brings people together quite like board games. From team players to solo competitive games, there are plenty of games to play as a family. Try scheduling an occasional game night for your child or children and their co-parent. It’ll be nice to spend time with your co-parent while laughing and spending time with your child. Better yet, include significant others and make it an even bigger game night the entire family unit can enjoy!

Spending extra time with your co-parent can seem daunting, but it can help strengthen your relationship as co-parents and bring joy to your child’s life. Any of the activities above will bring you together and improve your communication skills for an even more successful co-parenting relationship.

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